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Athena Peddie
Marketing Manager

Lana Strydom

Executive Head of Online and Self Service at Vodacom

'With the input we’ve received from Jonathan, we have seen an improvement in our online cost per lead, our website rankings improve on organic search and we have been able to develop new websites and CMS and launch them quickly. I would highly recommend Jonathan for any company who is looking to grow their brand within the digital space. 

Jonathan is an absolute professional, always willing to go the extra mile to complete a project or task. He has a very deep understanding of online and mobile marketing strategy, with particular reference to PPC, SEO and SEM. His thoroughness and attention to detail allows him to get an in-depth view on user behaviour in any particular digital environment. His insights and recommendations will most definitely deliver outstanding business results for his clients.

Miway Life

Standard Bank (Success Story: Increasing Leads without breaking the bank)
Currencies Direct
Mobile Guardian

Ke Concepts
Annabella Maternity
Dealfish Classifieds
Kalahari Kenya/Nigeria


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